Find answers to the most commonly asked questions, if we can help answer any questions not listed, reach out.
Beauty Services
What is your Knoxville, Tennessee studio address?

Bangs + Blush Beauty Collective, 106 Hotel Rd., Knoxville, TN 37918

Can your team stay for a second hairstyle and makeup application for the ceremony or reception?

Yes! You can choose to have your artist stay for a new look of your choice! If you’re interested, contact our team for more information!

Does your team offer touch-ups for the ceremony and/or reception?

Yes, absolutely! You can have the artists stay for touch-ups! This would need to be scheduled before your wedding day.

Do your teams travel? If so, where will you travel?

Whether you are down the road or across the ocean we will travel to you! Our teams are equipped and specialize in on-location artistry-- it's pretty much all we do!We work all over the southeast, specifically in Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Lexington, and their surrounding cities, but we are prepared to travel anywhere!

Do you use Airbrush Makeup or Conventional Foundation?

Both! All of our makeup artists are trained to use the TEMPTU airbrush system, a brand that we have used and love for several years. We know it looks beautiful in person and on camera, we know it feels great to wear and lasts. We use it because we know you can depend on it.

Do you offer hair and makeup trials? If so, how long do they last?

Yes! We offer hair trials and makeup trials. Each trial typically takes about 1 – 1.5 hours each service. If you’re doing both a hair and a makeup trial, plan for at least 3 hours.

I just need hair services for myself and my wedding party, do I have to book for both hair and makeup?

No, you can retain our services for only hair or only makeup.

What brands do your specialists use?

The only brand that Bangs and Blush team members are required to use is the TEMPTU Airbrush products. Every other product used to create your look is up to the artist's discretion. This allows more flexibility to use products that each team member feels works best for them and reserves their freedom to accommodate and special product requests that you have as a client. 

I have a large bridal party. Do you have enough artists to get us ready?

We have several professionals available for booking. It is an option to book multiple artists for your event.

Do your artist’s have experience with different skin tones and different hair textures?

Yes! Our team is trained to handle all skin types and hair textures. 

Do your artists have experience and knowledge about traditional Hindu or South Asian wedding ceremonies and events?

Absolutely! We’ve done countless traditional Hindu weddings. See our gallery! 

Do you only service weddings?

No! Our team does hair and makeup for all types of events and occasions! The Bangs and Blush team is not limited to these, but here’s some examples:
- Photoshoots
- Birthday Parties
- Baby Showers
- Quinceanera
- Professional Headshots
- Anniversary Celebrations
- Special Date Nights
- Galas/Formal Events/FundraisersProm/Formal Nights/Award Ceremonies
- Graduations
- TV Appearances
- Halloween Parties

How long does the tan take to apply?

About 30 minutes

How long will the results last?

This varies from person to person as each individual’s skin has its own exfoliation rate. The tan is only absorbed into the top layer of skin cells (epidermis) so we want to keep those skin cells on your body as long as possible. That’s why proper exfoliation prior to your session as well as proper post-tan care is a must. Activity levels and lifestyle contribute greatly to the length of time your tan will last, as well. The average person will have at least four to five days of strong color and fade from there. Some people will get as much as 10 days out of their tans.

How to dress for the tan?

Dark, loose fitting clothes are recommended as the cosmetic bronzer in the solution may transfer to clothing. We recommend sweatpants, loose fitting yoga pants or maxi skirts and flip flops. You will want to refrain from wearing socks or a bra after your session. If it’s raining the day of your session, long sleeves and long pants are an absolute must and bring an umbrella. Rain can wreak havoc on your new tan!

What should I wear during the tan?

This is a personal choice. You may undress to your comfort level – swimsuit, bikini, bra and panties, g-string, topless, nude – it’s your call.

How do I prepare for my tan?

The most important contributing factor to your airbrush tanning results is EXFOLIATION. We ask that you exfoliate your entire body (make sure not to miss the inner arms, above the armpits, between and below the breasts and your neck) preferably 24 hours prior to your appointment. Exfoliation ensures an even application, longer lasting result and perfect fade.